Welcome to New Prospect United Methodist Church. We are a Christ-centered church welcoming all people who seek a deeper relationship with God through the saving power of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit.


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What is our Kids for Christ Children’s Ministry up to?

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What if we rethink church? Would you come?

What if church was not a noun, but a verb? What if church was not the building, but the people? What if church was not a place just to go on Sunday, but helped you have a place to go on Monday? Would you come to church? At new prospect we are rethinking church throughout the entire 2014 year and forever more. We are not a noun, but rather a verb. We are not a building, but rather a people and we will help you to have somewhere to go on Monday. New Prospect UMC, A Place for you, Rethinking Church!

UMC Market Place

The United Methodist Church is offering a new way to donate to our church. If you do a lot of shopping online through popular retailers such as amazon.com, bn.com, petco.com and many more places visit umcmarket.org before checking out. After creating an account you will have the option to find our church, New Prospect Buford, and a percentage of your check out total will be sent to our church. After $100 dollars has been accumulated by our members a check will be sent to us. It is a very simple way to donate to our church by doing what you already do, shopping!