First Time Visitor

New Prospect is a warm and welcoming multicultural congregation, who is responsive in worship. We invite you to come and share the love of Jesus Christ with us. You will find our worship to be joyful, prayerful, scriptural, compassionate and spirit-filled. As a community we believe every person young or old has special gifts and talents to bring to the task of actively serving the needy, loving our neighbors, and sharing the great news of Jesus Christ. We hope you will visit us soon.
Visitor FAQs

How long are the worship services?
Each worship service lasts about 1 hour.

When are the services? We have service every Sunday at 10am. The first Sunday of every month is Holy Eucharist or Communion. We also offer special services throughout the year and they will be announced through the Events page.

What should I wear? Believe it or not it’s one of the most asked questions. You might be wondering if we wear suits, jeans, khakis or capris. The answer is yes. First and foremost, come as you are. Just in case you’re wondering how most people will be dressed, it’s pretty broad. Some will wear khakis and a polo or button up shirt, but others will wear shorts and t-shirts. The same goes for the ladies. . . skirts, pants, dresses, shorts. The most important thing is that we look forward to seeing you, not what you’re wearing.

How long has New Prospect UMC been around? New Prospect UMC was founded in the 1800s by the Methodist Episcopal Church North.

Will my Children have something to do during church? Absolutely. We offer Cherubs Church starting at around 10:25 after the children’s moment. We also have our nursery for infants through 3 year olds.

Is communion offered to visitors? Yes. In the Methodist Church the communion table is considered “open”. The United Methodist Book of Worship says, “All who intend to lead a Christian life, together with their children, are invited to receive the bread and cup. We have no tradition of refusing any who present themselves desiring to receive”

Will I be asked to stand or introduce myself? We will not single out a visitor or guest by asking you to stand or raise your hand.

Will I need to give money during the offering? Although we do take an offering during each service, guests should never feel that we expect them to give. Our worship service is our gift to you as a first time guest so just pass the plate and enjoy the service.